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New Zealand Nature

1E6A4666New Zealand is very conscious of nature’s treasures many of which can be found on the Coromandel Peninsula. Not far from Kereta B & B you can find Driving Creek Wildlife Sanctuary where a Charitable Trust has been set up for the preservation and enhancement of local endangered native wildlife species, and for public education.  The Sanctuary is surounded by a fully vermin-proof fence to protect all the species living within the boundaries.

1E6A4764The New Zealand Dotterel is a threatened, endemic shorebird and they have been successfully breeding on many beaches along the Peninsula.  Their nests are generally protected by roped off areas that still allow you to enjoy the birds without stressing them.  Photographing these birds is easy from outside of the roped off areas. Please respect the rules posted near the nest sites and stay at a safe distance. The nests are well hidden in the sand and could easily be damaged by footfall.
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