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Our Local Birds

My cousin came to stay for a few days and spent some time teaching me a bit more about using my camera.  Toya is a nature photographer with her main focus being on birds in particular, so it was good to have her identify a lot of the birds that frequent our little stretch of the beach for me. She got very excited about the kingfishers that were darting all over the place at low tide.  There looked to be a family of youngsters and a couple of adults. At one point we saw up to six out there together. Since the big storm the beach landscape has changed somewhat and it is now a great place for the bird life at low tide.

We have one resident New Zealand dotterel at the moment.  Sadly we found two dead along the beach, probably as a result of the storm.  Numbers of these birds are not high and they are protected when nesting in the hope of helping their numbers increase.  I hope to learn more about protecting these little birds when I attend a workshop at the  Pukorokoro Miranda Shorebird Center later this year.  Our little resident seems to have made himself a part of the oyster catcher family, however he seems to make himself as big as he can as he passes the other birds.

We also have a few white faced herons that are frequent visitors, they fly in silently and wade about the water at low tide.  There are many different shags that come and go and a couple of paradise shelducks. These images were all taken by Toya but it won’t be long before I will be posting some of my own on this blog.  Toya and I are also hosting a photography tour around Coromandel next January.  If you are interested check out this webpage.

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